Monday, September 22, 2008


Woo hoo - I got a Wii Fit! I've always wanted one and would occasionally ask store clerks if they happened to have any stashed away. That would usually result in a chuckle from the teenage boy with the name tag who would roll his eyes at the poor lady who actually had hopes of randomly finding a Wii Fit somewhere. No, he'd reply. We don't have any Wii Fits. Don't you know they're harder to find than an actual Wii?

After having this conversation several times, I decided to change my strategy. The ads in the Sunday paper would occasionally advertise Wii Fit availability at a particular store (minimum of six, sorry no rainchecks). My MO on Sunday mornings is to leisurely wake up, make a bowl of cereal and sit at the table and read the paper. I always read in the order of the paper, skipping the sports and classified. The ads are usually last. Once or twice when I actually saw the Wii Fit advertised, I'd throw on some clothes and dash to the store to find they had already been purchased (minimum of six, sorry no rain checks). Yeah, I could have gotten up early and been more diligent reading the ads first in case I came across one. In fact, I actually did that one Sunday - I woke up at 7:30, grabbed the paper, threw aside the news and scanned the ads. And nothing. No Wii Fits available. Totally not worth missing out on sleeping in.

Promising never to do that again, my new attitude was to take my chances and if it happens, then great but if not, that's okay too. No more asking the stock boys (sorry, I think associates is the PC term), no more getting up early on Sundays, and no, I wasn't going to pay $130 on eBay when the MSP is $89.99. And like those who get pregnant after finally giving up on getting pregnant, and those who get a call from the ex just after they'd finally forgotten about the ex - well I found my Wii Fit just as I'd given up my hunt. And yes, it was advertised in the Sunday paper. Lucky for me, it was at Toys R'Us and they don't open until 10am. Plenty of time to get the family fed and dressed and over there for some shopping. There was a moment of panic that we'd get to the parking lot to find a line of people but when we arrived at 9:35, the lot was empty. And when they unlocked the doors at 9:55, Mike, myself and two Purdue students claimed our tickets, paid our $89.99 and picked up our Wii Fits at customer service.

So our Wii Fit is ready to go (my mom gladly accepted the second one for herself) and after six months of pining for one and shelling out the $100 (there's tax and the service plan, you know), I know realize that it's my responsibility to USE the Wii Fit. $100 is 3 months at a gym so I need to get my money's worth out of it. Oops, I sort of forgot about that. I got caught up in the chase! And now it's time to get fit.

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