Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Seeger at Camp Tecumseh

Over the weekend, we headed to Lafayette to pick up Seeger and drop off Nicklas at Camp Tecumseh. Although this is the first year Seeger could have participated in resident camp, he decided he'd rather stay with his cousins and attend day camp with them. One of many things I love about Camp Tecumseh is that they post photos of campers all the time. Every morning I arrive at work, fill up my cup of water, check facebook, and then I get on the Camp Tecumseh Parent Connection website to look for photos. Here are some they posted throughout the week.

Seeger on the first day. He's in the middle of the next two photos, in the blue shirt:

 I'm not sure what they're doing here but it's a good shot of him in the middle.

In this photo, they're playing Gaga. Nicklas loves playing Gaga and this year, so did Seeger. At the end of the week, he was named the Gaga Guru.

In this photo, Seeger is in the middle left center. I love his serious praying!

Log walking in his flip flops. I should have suggested that he wear his tennis shoes every day.

He's in the bottom left of this photo at the pool. This year he received a blue band for swimming which means he can swim wherever he wants in the pool. He is so proud of that band; he's still wearing it!

In this photo, he's also in the bottom left, next to the blurry head.

LOVE LOVE this photo! I wish I knew who his counselor was.

Here is Seeger with his cousin Ben. They are two peas in a pod.

The group is walking somewhere but I'm not sure what Seeger is doing in this upper middle of the photo. Hopefully he's not getting in to trouble.

He looks tired in this photo (right and center).

The last day of camp is World Carnival. Campers participate in the carnival type activities.

He's at the back of the line, waiting so patiently.

Swimming time! He's hanging on the back of the counselor. 

Now it's Ben's turn to hang on!

This is a photo of Ben (in the white shirt), getting ready for the Black Hole. Seeger didn't do it because it was going to be too dark.

Looks like Ben enjoyed it!

I didn't see many photos of Anna, possibly because she's in the older group. But here she is (in the green shirt) hanging out in the Fort.

We were told that Seeger bawled his eyes out on the last day. He loves Camp Tecumseh and he can't wait to go back next year. He's debating on whether he'll do day camp again or if he's ready for resident camp. I told him he has a few months to decide.

Nicklas should be enjoying his third day of camp right now. I've been sending him notes every day and I know he's having a great time. I'd love to give a special thank you to my mom. She pays for camp for both boys as a Christmas present and provides memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. Thanks momma!

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