Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Thought Thursday

1. A co-worker brought in puppy chow today and we've all been commenting on the fact that it's like crack - we can't stop eating it.
2. Our family is currently obsessed with the game, Ticket to Ride.
3. Last night, the Polack, Seeger and I went on a bike ride down the B-Line trail. We usually ride around our house so this was a nice change - we didn't have to huff up any hills.
4. My Stella and Dot jewelry turned my finger green. Boo.
5. The Polack and I are headed to Milwaukee for our anniversary trip. He's been guessing all week and I've been providing clues. He finally figured it out.
6. One clue was I told him was that there are no major league sports teams. Someone pointed out that I was incorrect. (I honestly thought the Brewers were minor league. Oops.)
7. I came across this post of 10 things to do in Bloomington this summer. Sadly, I've only done two on the list.
8. School starts in ELEVEN DAYS. I can't believe the summer is over.
9. I love wedge heels.
10. I miss Nicklas and I can't wait to hear how his week at camp went. I'll be posting photos next week so you can see some of the things he did at the great Camp Tecumseh.

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