Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vacation Recap

After being out of the office for 10 days, I've been playing catch up all week. I finally felt better about my progress on projects after yesterday which means I have some time to breath. And blog!

We had decided a while back that vacation this summer was going to be low key. We did the cruise last year and Florida for spring break so summer vacation this year was a 10 days at Lake George. We started vacation by attending the Indianapolis Indiana vs. Toledo Mudhens game. It was HOT. The whole vacation was HOT. But despite the heat, we had fun with our friends.

The next day, we headed to the Lake. Dinner with the Ranshaw's was at a Mexican restaurant in Coldwater that is located in a converted railroad car.

Our first evening at the Lake. Gorgeous sky!

Most of the family came the weekend before the Fourth to celebrate the couples wedding shower for Emily and Graham and Jake and Kathryn.

We also spent time with baby Quinn!

One day, the Polack and I took the boys to the Auburn-Garrett Drive-In to see Brave and the Avengers.

There were several boat rides and lots of relaxing.

The Polack and I did some shopping at the Outlet Mall. We also had lunch a Bubba's where we saw Cody Zeller's name on the call.

One day, my friends Amy and Heather visited with their families.

Seeger enjoying hanging out with Noah. They're just a few months apart in age.

Amy and Heather and Heather's daughter, Emma. Emma was the only girl but she didn't seem to mind too much.

Amy's husband, Nick, and their oldest, Gage. I can't believe Gage will be in 8th grade!!

I met Amy in Mr. Hummer's fourth grade class. Heather and Amy became friends in fifth grade and we all started hanging out. We were the Pointer Sisters for Mrs. Bratton's lip syncing contest.

The boys also got to do some tubing while on at the Lake.

Gotta love those sunsets. 

One night, the Polack and Nicklas and Papa went to the Detroit Tigers game while the rest of us took a boat ride. We say this crazy boat. It's the front of an airplane.

There was also a morning where the Polack and Nicklas decided to swim across the Lake. Here is the view from the dock, just before we left to take the pontoon to the other side.

 Nicklas and the Polack jumped in to swim and I followed them in the pontoon in case either became too tired.

The both make the trek successfully. I was also successful - in parking the pontoon which is something I've never attempted.

The fireworks and boat parade took place on July 7. We didn't participate in the parade but I volunteered to be a judge. The theme was comics and cartoons.

After the boat parade, we took a ride around the Lake with my dad and his wife and the Polack's parents who were visiting.

Then it was fireworks time. I love the fireworks at the Lake because everyone gets in their boats and head out to the middle of the Lake to anchor and watch the show.

The fireworks signaled an end to vacation. The next day we packed up and headed home. We stopped by Fort Wayne to have dinner with my mom at Casa's, our favorite restaurant.

We had a wonderful time at the Lake. I was worried I might get bored and I even brought my sewing stuff  just in case. But I never plugged in my machine. We were too busy taking boat rides, spending time with family and swimming. It was such a hot week that swimming was the one activity we could do to cool off. For the most part anyway because the Lake temp reached 88 degrees at one point. I hope it's a bit cooler the next time we visit.

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