Monday, June 11, 2012


I haven't done much blogging lately so I thought I'd recap some recent activities. (Also, I finally downloaded photos off my iPhone so now I have actual material to blog about.)
Two weeks ago, the boys spent a few days in Lafayette with their grandparents. The Polack and I enjoyed just-the-two-of-us time. One night, I had some dog sitting duties. My friend just welcomed a Burmese Mountain Dog to her family. Ellie is six months old and she's HUGE.

Ellie's big brother, Duncan, has tumor so he's on lots of meds. He didn't feel like visiting with us.

While waiting for the pups to potty, we ate some Thai food. Yummo!

Did I mention that Ellie is HUGE!?

During the week, the second generation Kubat's all met up to see the Wailers (-Bob Marley, obvs) at the Bluebird. It was a fun concert but judging from the smell wafting around the place, I think the bandmates in the green room had way more fun than everyone else.

During Redemption Sounds, everyone got out their lighters in tribute. I started to use my iPhone Torch app but I realized I was one of the few in the room without an actual lighter.

(I tried to upload a video of the Wailers singing "Don't Worry" but stupid Blogger isn't cooperating.)

A few days later, Nicklas had a baseball game and he had his FIRST HIT of the season. It was an awesome hit! I just wish it wasn't his only hit of the season. Anyway, we were super proud and took him the the Chocolate Moose after the game.

Seeger had a rainbow snow cone.

The Polack had a banana shake.

I had a peanut butter and brownie Blizz.

Nicklas had a moose horn.

One reason for my extra business lately is that I've been in charge of the Jill's House Golf Outing raffle/auction. I had to make some boxes to collect the raffle tickets.

And decorate and prepare the items.

During the Golf Outing activities, the boys met their friends and went swimming at the Bloomington Country Club. Oh yeah, and they met Tom Crean.

I also recently drew a kick-ass comet on Draw Something. It's my best drawing yet, I think.

The boys had their annual check-ups. BOTH had to get shots.

Nicklas wasn't happy that he had to get TWO shots.

I also did some quilting. ('Bout time.)

Picked some flowers from the yard.

And spent time swimming at a friends house.

We celebrated the Polack's birthday this weekend with family and friends. One of his friends was driving to Michigan from Mississippi and stopped by for the evening. He's a friend from college so he wanted to do a quick walk through campus. He kept telling me how lucky I am to work on campus (I KNOW!) and he said it's probably hard to appreciate it (NOT AT ALL!) Then we met some other friends and went to see Hairbanger's Ball at the Bluebird.

(Somehow I didn't get any pictures from the birthday, campus tour, OR Bluebird. Rats.)

Tomorrow we leave for Chicago and then we're spending the weekend in Louisville so we have another fun week in store. I love summer!

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EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

I am in love with Ellie!!! I so want a Burmese!!! The Thai food looks delicious (no good Thai around Lafayette anymore!). Congrats on Nicklas first hit of the season, always fun when that happens. Awesome comet drawing :) Have fun in Chicago and Louisville!