Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend at Lake George

You all know that I was practically counting down the days until my holiday weekend at the Lake. It was well worth the anticipation. We arrived Friday evening and immediately checked out the pontoon. Freddy loves the lake almost as much as me.

We met up with Uncle John, Aunt Kathy, Aunt Carolyn, and my dad and Laurie who were hanging out at the Retreat. The next day, my Uncle John gathered the troops to help pull out a really old boat that he and Uncle Bill purchased. It took the whole crew to help and watch.

Even Freddy helped watch.

The boys didn't though. They were ready to check out the water and go swimming.

They really enjoyed the new float the Uncle John bought.

That evening we went on a pontoon ride. We barely fit everyone and possibly broke a few laws.

(I'm not sure why I'm wearing the Polack's hat in this photo.)

Freddy like boat rides too.

We made a pit stop to drop off Aaron at Uncle Jim and Aunt Lorna's.

After the pontoon ride it was time for a fire.

The next day, Michael made us smoothies and Kathryn made chocolate chip cookie dough vodka shakes.

Seeger had a virgin shake.

It was 90+ degrees but the nice breeze made it bearable. We all spent some time in the water.

Jake played with Seeger.

Michael took Nicklas on one of his many sea-doo rides.

He has sea-doo hair!

Uncle John left on Sunday so it was up to the Polack to drive the pontoon.

After our pontoon ride, we played a corn hole. On Monday, we walked to get Tom's Donuts. I took the boys for one last seas-doo ride.

My dad helped the boys do some fishing.

Pontoon ride - check.
Sea-doo ride - check.
Corn hole - check.
Swimming - check.
Fishing - check.
Tom's Donuts - check.

The only thing missing was a bike ride around Brown's Point. We'll definitely do that when we return to the Lake at the end of June!

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