Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Thought Thursday

1. My kids currently are missing four of their six jackets. I'm not a happy momma.

2. I was talking with Nicklas about his Thoroughly Modern Millie rehearsals the other day and he was explaining that the Priscilla Girls have these annoying shoes that make clicking sounds when they dance. He doesn't understand why their shoes have to be so loud.

I had to explain tap dancing to him and I'll admit, I felt a little guilty that he's never been exposed to it.

3. When I get stressed, my left arm gets numb. It's been numb most of today so I probably should mention this to my doctor at my next physical.

4. Meesha seems to get lots of fun mail. She's received several packages and letters and yesterday the bike she ordered arrived on our front porch. I'm a little jealous because it seems like all I ever get in the mail are credit card offers. I do get the occasional baby shower invitation - which is fun - I seem to have a lot of friends having babies lately.

5. Family Fitness Night at the school went well on Friday. The participants seemed to enjoy the fitness stations and I think the volunteers who did the nutrition activities I organized did a great job. The IU hip hop dance club performed and the kids enjoyed seeing them and learning a dance.

6. Family Fitness is the event that replaced An Evening in Paris. Apparently that was like a dessert night for the school. I'll admit I'm a little bummed that fitness is replacing desserts but I know it's a needed change in thinking and education for our families. But I bet there were some yummy desserts at that event.

7. The school is also going to stop doing Market Day and Schwan's fundraising because several parents on the PTO feel processed foods are evil and we shouldn't be selling them at schools, even if they are fundraisers. Next thing you know, they'll be banning box tops and campbell's soup labels. It's a good thing I didn't bring my large Diet Coke from McDonald's in to the last PTO meeting. They might have shunned me.

8. The newest seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race have started. This is always a highlight in our household because we watch those two shows as a family. (Shhhh... don't tell the PTO. They'd probably tell us we need to be out walking or riding our bikes instead of watching tv.)

9. The crazy cardinal is back. We have a cooler sitting outside our patio door and he landed on it yesterday and started hitting the glass patio door with his head. He freaked out Meesha. He's fun to watch at first but last year, he ended up landing on our window screens and tearing a few holes in them. I don't want our brand new screens ruined.

10. Hunger Games = 30 days. Woo hoo! And the Polack is taking me to see In the Heights on Tuesday (a birthday gift) AND we received free passes to see Fitz and the Tantrums in two weeks.

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Christy said...

I think next time you should take your Diet Coke into the PTO meeting. Add a bag a Cheetos and you'll be my hero. :)