Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Thought Thursday

1. Things are steadily moving along in the Kubatski household. We're just more than halfway through the school year and I finally feel like we have a routine in the mornings. Nicklas is no longer riding the bus and instead, I'm taking him and Seeger to school every day. Seeger has to get up earlier but it means he goes to before care and he loves that. I'm not thrilled about paying more for child care but it allows me to get to work by 8 (instead of 8:30) so I shouldn't complain.

2. As Seeger was eating breakfast this morning, he said, "Mom, do you remember when you were teaching and dad's Rolling Stone caught on fire and he had to blow it out?" I must have given him a questioning look because he suddenly shook his head and said, "Oh wait, that must have been a dream. Because then dad didn't want Nick and me to see the sign that said Arcade Now Open because he knew we should want to go and we did go but it was really dangerous. There were little sharp things shooting out at us and they would open up and more sharp things that were even littler were poking us. But we really wanted to play the games so we stayed in the arcade."

3. Like the pictures Seeger draws of robot dinosaurs with nuts and screws and bolts, even his dreams have mechanical details.

4. Nicklas also had a dream he told me about where apparently the Polack and I were getting divorced and we were making him choose which parent to live with.

That's a bit unsettling.

5. Oh wow, as I was typing this up, a friend sent me a text saying she dreamed that I died while exercising and the Polack was planning a festive funeral parade.

What the heck is going on with all these crazy dreams?

6. In sticking to sleep related topics, Seeger knocked on our bedroom door at 3 am Wednesday morning. I mumbled come in and he did - holding his hand to his nose. He woke up to it bleeding. This has happened before so luckily he's getting pretty good at anticipating it and keeping blood in the nose instead of gushing all over our carpet. As we got him cleaned up and back in bed, I showed him his little stuffed animal turkey which had a few drops of blood on it. He said, "Aw, the turkey died." And I tucked him in bed and he said, "We'll have to eat him for dinner."

Even half asleep the kid is still a comedian.

7. With all the buzz about the Superbowl in Indy, we're planning a family trip to check out the Superbowl Village tomorrow evening. Fitz and the Tantrums are playing so I think we should attempt to be there during their show. It's unfortunate that all the zip line tickets are sold out and all the park ride tickets are sold out. But I'm sure there will be great people watching and I know both kids will have fun.

8. I was reading an article the other day about a mom who has her 10 and 14 year old sons cook one meal a week. The article started well... she was tired of rushing home from work to prepare dinner only to have her teenage son casually walk in the kitchen from playing video games in his room and say, "Not that again... I hate brussel sprouts." I can definitely relate to complaints from my kids about what I prepare for meals. But then I kept reading. She would suggest recipes for her sons... Salad with nuts and pears with carrot soup. Spanakopita with phyllo dough. Pho (a Vietnamese soup). Chicken Satay.

I all seems a bit far fetched and definitely unrelatable. I went from thinking, cool, man, I'm totally going to have my kids make a meal one day a week to what the heck is spanakopita? (I just googled it - it's greek spinach pie.)

9. It hit 60+ degrees in Bloomington yesterday. The students were playing beer pong on their porches and wearing flip flops to class. I was jealous (of the flip flops, not the beer pong). I hope the temps stay somewhat warm for the weekend. We have friends coming to visit on Saturday and I want to do some Btown exploring with them.

10. Here is the conversation by text about my death....

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