Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best & Worst

Seeger's worst - having to move all the boxes in the basement because
his feet were cold
Mike's worst - not getting as much done today as he hoped
Natalie's worst - having a big work project that she doesn't want to
Nick's worst - Noah's 3-on-3 team beat his at basketball camp
Seeger's best - butt kicking
Mike's best - family lunch AND dinner
Nick's best - scoring three out of four of the points for his
basketball team
Natalie's best - only two more days of work before the weekend plus
family lunch date at the library

Best & Worst from yesterday...
Natalie's worst - dealing with stupid stuff at work
Mike's worst - all the snags that happened when hooking up the range
and microwave
Seeger's worst - got bored riding the scooter
Nick's worst - waiting until 9:00 for dinner
Uncle Bill's worst - having to drill that second set of holes for the
Natalie's best - finally having a range and microwave
Mike's best - having Bill help with installation and having family
Nick's best - having Uncle Bill over for dinner AND basketball camp
Seeger's best - having Squerkle's in DK Jungle
Uncle Bill's best - coming over to have dinner with his favorite
family member's

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