Friday, May 6, 2011


1. Usually my lack of blogging means I'm too busy or too lazy. But my recent lack of blogging is due to not having a lot of material. Our family has been pretty boring lately. (But this a good thing.)

2. Yesterday at work we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. It was mucho funno. That's all I'll say about that.

3. It has rained way more days than not in the past month. I was about ready to build my ark for fear of floating away. The last two days have been super nice but the rain will be starting again soon.

4. I hope all this rain now means the summer will be awesome. I can't wait to spend some weekends at the Lake!

5. Tomorrow is campus commencement and once again, I have to read names at our School's luncheon. Bleh.

6. Things on my bucket list: attending the Kentucky Oaks (I'm way too cool for the Derby); a trip to Ireland; uhhhh... that's all I got for now.

7. Meg Ryan has been spotted in Bloomington. Ugh. I wish she was the cute girl from French Kiss and not the scary plastic surgery husband stealer.

8. French Kiss is my second favorite movie of all time and I don't know anyone else who likes it.

9. Just heard from our contractor and it looks like we'll be able to make the change we wanted to our stairwell. Of course, there's a $350 change charge (on top of the other charges included in the project). But at least we'll get the feature instead of always wishing to have it. I say this after paying $1300 to add lighting (and I still have to pay for the fixtures which I estimate to be at least $750) and $1250 for new appliances.

10. The house is still on track to be finished by June 30. Can't wait!

I really really feel like this is one of the most boring RTT's ever. What's up with that?


Anonymous said...

You're not the only one, I like French Kiss too in fact I adore all those Meg movies from the late 80's through to the 90's.
Your comments about Meg nowadays are a bit harsh but I can't really disagree with you.
I really miss the "old" Meg Ryan and no matter what she does in the future she'll always be a 90's girl to me.
I enjoyed your post and I hope you and your family have a great weekend!

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

I have to tell you mom loves the movie French Kiss, so that is three of you.
Hope you get to Ireland, I want to go to New Zealand.
Yes, having a house built can be a pain on the pocket book but at least you are getting the features you want.
I hope the reading of names went alright and your weekend was fun. Have a great week!

Christy said...

I like French Kiss too, but it's not in my top 10. It always tends to make me super sad that I have not yet been to France.

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie, I just came back to tell you that when I look at my blog stats French Kiss is far and away my most popular post, so there must be plenty of other people who like it as much as you!