Friday, April 29, 2011

Frandom Frought Friday

1. Have you ever seen the Disney commercial where the parent is video taping the other parent telling the kids that they're leaving for Disney World RIGHT NOW and the kids are jumping up and down all excited? Those always make me tear up and think, damn, I wanna surprise my kids with a trip to Disney. I always think it but never say it and then the other day, the commercial came on Hulu and the Polack was all like, That'd be awesome to do sometime.

2. Seeger was not happy the other day when I brought my grapefruit to the table for breakfast. He doesn't like the smell of anything citrus. He held his nose for a while and then announced, "Well at least I know what the saw spoon is for."

3. I'm pretty bummed about the Cowboys losing in the Amazing Race. I'm rooting for Zev and Justin now.

4. My mother in law's lease is up on her car and I'd really like to buy it from her because the price is pretty good and it's been well cared for but I don't have a need for a new car and I sure don't want a car payment. But the Polack's car is 10 years old and I just have this feeling that it isn't going to last very much longer. I hope I'm wrong.

5. Speaking of cars, my male family members have been commenting on the fact that I need new tires for my car. I know I do but I'm not ready to shell out the money.

6. I miss the Swing movement a la Swingers. What fun music and the Polack and I love to dance like that. We only know three different spins but we still have fun dancing.

7. It is GORGEOUS outside today. After a week of steady rain, it's definitely needed. The boys have only had 2 baseball practices in the last 4 weeks.

8. We signed Nicklas up for Tae Kwon Do and I told the Polack to go ahead and pay for 6 weeks worth but he paid for 6 months worth. I don't know if I told him wrong or he didn't hear correctly but I sure do hope that Nicklas likes it.

9. I really wasn't that impressed with Kate's dress. I think I would have liked it without the lace sleeves but overall it was pretty blah. I LOVED the hats thought, especially the ones worn by Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

10. When I saw a photo of the royal couple driving away in Astin-Martin convertible, I was like, Wow, Kate is driving? That's weird.

It took me about a while to realize that in England, the driver is on the right side of the car.


Wendy said...

#3. Me, too!
#10. Me, too, again!

Too funny. I miss you.

That's all for now.

Christy said...

I thought Kate's dress was pretty, but not spectacular. And if you could pretty much have any dress in the world you wanted, it could have been so much more.