Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vacation Snapshots

I'm not going to give a recap of our vacation - we spent a weekend at the Lake with the Gallogly's, took a grownup group trip to Las Vegas, and then spent a weekend with the Turner cousins in Michigan. Enjoy some photos and my brief commentary...

I actually didn't take many pictures at the Lake. But here is a group of us eating at the Retreat. The lighting is bad - I know - but an evening trip to the Retreat is a fairly new activity and one that I'm enjoying.

I love the view!

First hour in Vegas. We were hungry - it was lunch time for us but still breakfast in Vegas so we hit the food court. It just seemed easiest at the time.

We had a nice dinner though!

My first Cirque show.

The next night, most of us headed downtown.

The Polack and I love old Vegas - and $3 blackjack!

It took three cabs at $75 to get us from the Strip to Downtown. As we were looking for cabs to go back to our hotel, we came across a limo driver and asked how much. $50! What a bargain! See me in the front seat? I sat next to Ken, our awesome driver.

Ken took our picture. I told you he was awesome!

Last night in Vegas; headed to a comedy show

Bye-bye, Vegas!

Next up - Cousins weekend in Michigan. Here's a picture of the cousins and their spouses. Nicklas took this picture. He's got skills, yo.

The little cousins!

The California cousins made the smores...

Flippy cup champions!!

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