Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

1. Yay - I'm actually posting on a Thursday!

2. Today, the Polack got to meet all the math teachers he'll be working with next year. I dropped him off at the school this morning and told to play nice with the others. :)

3. The Polack let me know that I misstated his feelings on Anna Paquin. It's not that he can't stand her, it's that her teeth bother him.

4. This weekend is Mia's graduation open house, our goodbye gathering for our friends, and Nick's farewell party for his class. I think I'll cry to most at Nick's party.

5. All these parties and I haven't even started shopping for the food. I'm going to be running around like a crazy woman the next few days.

6. The Polack got pulled over for speeding yesterday - with the whole family in the car. Mia was so excited because she'd never been in a car that was pulled over by the police. She did say it was the best situation because she got the experience but he ended up only getting a warning.

7. We spent last weekend at Lake George. I love Lake George. I wish I could spend every weekend there!

8. The family went apartment hunting a few days ago. Hoo boy, there is quite the variety around these parts.

9. I wonder if I'll ever get caught up on my blog posts? So many to do! So little time....

10. I heard a feature on NPR about a book that was recently published. It's about how technology is training our brains to be less focused and attentive. Sadly, I think there is definite merit to the theory so I'm wondering what I can to to combat that with myself and my children. Delete my facebook account? Stop texting? Turn off my email? Not very practical...

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