Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. If I'm ever mad or upset and I'm driving in my car, I belt out the song Take A Bow. But I should point out that I'm not singing the Rihanna version but instead, I'm singing the Lea Michele version. As in Lea Michele from Glee. (I'm not proud but I will defend Lea - that girl can sing.)

2. Has anyone ever heard of Kim Iverson? A few years ago, she started working in Lafayette as the morning dj, complimenting the male dj who had been on staff for awhile. They were revamping the morning show and I was actually impressed with her. This says a lot because Lafayette isn't necessarily the hot spot of dj'ing. Most radio personalities are hoping to move up to bigger and better markets. I guess Kim was no exception because soon after her arrival to Lafayette, she announced she was leaving for a new opportunity. It seemed like she'd only been in Lafayette for a few months so I remember wondering what her new gig was. I eventually forgot about her and suffered through several other dj's during my morning commute. Recently though I heard Kim again. She is now has a nationally syndicated talk/music show that plays on week day evenings. It's only on nine stations but I think the show is great and I hope to see it get picked up on more markets.

3. I can't get Kesha out of my head!

4. I have to get gas today. I hate that chore. Before my job change, I filled up my gas tank every two or three weeks. Now I'm filling it up every four or five days.
The last time I got gas, I was cleaning out some trash and came across a McDonald's Monopoly piece for an order of free french fries. I'm so bummed that I missed out on free food.

5. My best random thoughts happen when I'm driving. I think something and then I'm like, "I have to remember that on Thursday." Then Thursday comes around and I'm staring at my computer with nothing clever to write about. Sometimes I email them to myself but that isn't very safe when I'm driving. One week I started recording them on my iPhone's voice memo. Hey, I think they still might be there.

6. Okay, the first one on my iPhone's voice memo... When I was four, my parents were building a new house and we'd often visit the construction site to check on things. I would usually get bored so I started playing with the staple strips for the staple gun. I would set them up around the room and pretend they were train tracks. Then one day I had to go to the bathroom but of course there wasn't a bathroom built yet so my dad told me to hold it. Of course I peed myself right by the staple strip box and he got mad at me. Like it was my fault! I can still picture the wood floor (only plywood, the carpet wasn't installed yet) with a big wet spot on it.

7. Another time when I was little - probably about 6 - my dad asked me to go fishing with him one evening at the Lake. We were out on the boat and he was having the best night - catching several bass. Well I had to go to the bathroom really badly but since he was doing so well, he didn't want to take me home so he asked me to hold it. Of course, I peed my pants. I didn't get in trouble that time though.

8. Second voice memo from the iPhone... I hate Monday evenings when I return to Uncle Bill's house and I carry my bags in and I take off my work clothes to put on comfy clothes and they're always SO COLD. They've been sitting in my car all day and they are FREEZING. Brrrr.... I hate that.

9. Voice memo 3 is about the fact that I need to read the Catcher in the Rye. But I have no idea why I said this. Hmm... Intriguing...

10. I bet random thought #2 is the longest random thought I've ever published. And I'm guessing this is the longest RTT ever. I'm making history, people!

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