Friday, February 19, 2010

Letter to Steve

Nicklas recently had a project for school in which he had to do a report on a famous Hoosier. He chose Steve Alford. After doing all the research and working on his five sided cube of Steve's impact on the state, Nicklas realized he couldn't find any information on Steve's siblings. So we decided to send him the following email:

To: ''
Subject: 3rd grade report

My name is Nicklas. I’m a 3rd grader at Edgelea School in Lafayette, Indiana. Even though everyone in my class are Purdue fans, I’m an IU fan and I’m a big fan of yours. I’m doing a project on you and was excited to find your email address on the Official Athletics Website of the University of New Mexico.

I have a question for my report. How hard is it to be a basketball player? It would be great if you could write back to me. Also for my report, I need to know how many siblings you have.

My report is due Tuesday. Thank you for the 1987 title.


He received the following reply:

thanks so much for your nice email. it was really good to
hear from you and I am grateful that you are a fan of mine. we
are having a very good year this season so it has been a lot of
fun. I also appreciate you spreading some hoosier love in a
boiler town.

as for your questions, I have one brother and his name is sean. the other question was on how difficult it is to be a basketball
player. nicklas, like anything else in life, it is what you put into
it that ends up defining how you do and the meaning of what you
do. as a player, i loved the game so much, so I worked at it very
hard each and every day. there was literally never a day that
went by that i didn’t do something with basketball to improve my

again, thanks so much for writing to me. i hope your project turns out well. i hope your teacher is a hoosier or you might
of hurt your grade in choosing me. nicklas, my best to you and
your family.

God's Blessings,
Steve Alford
Head Coach
University of New Mexico


Christy said...

That's so cool and such a nice letter! Nicklas must be thrilled!

Wendy said...

VERY Awesome Nicklas! Hope you got a good grade on your report!