Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alright already...

I know, I know, I know. I promised pictures. And I had every intention of posting them. I even brought my camera cord with me this week (which was the missing piece last week) so I could upload photos. But then I forgot my camera. Duh.... So no pics and really, I'm having a hard time coming up with the activities when I don't have pictures to go with them. SOOOOO.... I decided to post a RTT (since I missed last week, and the week before, and quite possibly the week before.) Here it goes...

  1. I love the view outside my window at work. It's awesome to see the students walking by and since there are lots of trees around the building, I can't wait for fall!
  2. We got LOTS of snow two days last week and both days, Uncle Bill cleared off my car for me. Isn't that so sweet?
  3. We didn't really get LOTS of snow - only about 6-9 inches. But it feels like a lot when no one knows how to drive in it, the schools are all closed, and the maintenance people have a hard time clearing it off the roads and sidewalks due to lack of equipment/experience.
  4. Did I tell you about Uncle Bill yet? He's my dad's brother and I stay with him during the week. He's the property manager at a state forest and lives in a log cabin in the forest. He's the sweetest guy and he's never been married and everyone desperately wants him to find a mate. So if you know of any single ladies, looking for a nice - but fairly shy - but really, really sweet guy, let me know. He's a good cook and he clears off your car when it snows. What more could you want?
  5. Quilt camp is approaching. Huzzah!!!
  6. It takes SO MUCH EFFORT at my new job not to go around saying, "Well, when I was at Purdue, we did it THIS way." I'll admit, I've said it a few times but I really need to stop it.
  7. When I was first dating my husband, I used to always say, "I dated a guy once that did this...." He didn't take too kindly to that so I learned to keep quiet. I thought the habit would never go away but it eventually did.
  8. Three things to be thankful for.... Mother Bear's Pizza, upcoming Lady Gaga concert (YES, I GOT A TICKET!), and quilt camp.
  9. And more importantly - I'm very thankful for my wonderful husband who is home with the kids all week, trying to get our house ready to be put in the market, while being a single dad. He is THE BEST GUY EVER.
  10. One last shout out of thanks to PepsiCo. Diet Pepsi = awesomeness.

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global-keewee said...

Yeah. Purdue's exclusive Coke contract sucks.
However, when you live out in the wild, wild west you get Diet Dr. Pepper everywhere. This is the best diet beverage ever created. It makes Diet Pepsi (my old, old favorite) taste like crap by comparison. Someday, dear, someday.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day late. I suck. I totally missed the window for mailing you a real card and I feel like a bum for it.