Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Morning Conversation

While taking the boys to school this morning:

Seeger: "I wish buses had tv's. And then I could have the remote and turn the channel whenever I wanted."
Me: "Some buses do have tv's. But not school buses."
Nicklas: "Really? Which buses? City buses?"
Me: "No, not school buses or city buses. But there are nicer buses that people can pay to ride on to take them from city to city. Once when I was in high school, my marching band took a bus from Indiana to Florida and it had a tv on it."
Nicklas: "That would be cool."
Me: "It also had a bathroom."
Seeger: "A bathroom?!"
Nicklas: "I wish the school bus had a bathroom. I would use it."
Seeger: "Me too!"
Me: "Do you sometimes have to use the bathroom when you're on the school bus?"
Seeger: "Yes."
Nicklas: "One time my bus driver ran over a mail box and a kid had to go to the bathroom really bad and he couldn't wait so he just peed in someone's yard."
Me: "What? I'm confused. Did the bus driver stop so he could pee and then she ran over a mailbox?"
Nicklas: "No, she ran over the mailbox and then went to pick it up. We had to wait for the police and we were like an hour late to school. Everyone thought she was going to get arrested."
Me: "Whoa."
Nicklas: "Yeah, and I was happy because I just kept reading my book and I got a couple of chapters read."
Seeger: "I want to pee in the yard."

Those kids.... They definitely keep me entertained!


Wendy said...

Totally hilarious. What is it about boys and wanting to pee in the grass? Sometimes (hasn't happened in a while) we'll pull in the driveway and Hayden will 'test' me by saying, "Mom, I really have to go to the bathroom SO bad." I know he's doing it just to see if I'll let him pee outside. Too funny, those boys!

Christy said...

Haha ... that was classic. Such a random conversation!