Friday, October 16, 2009

Scene's from the feast

We took the family + neice and nephew to the Feast of the Hunter's Moon. This is an annual local event that re-creates the gathering of the Native American and French fur traders in the 1700's. I wish I had more photos but it was just too stinkin' cold to really enjoy. The kids were miserable which made me miserable - especially after shelling out $80 for tickets, food, and parking, only to hear complaining about cold fingers and too much walking. We stayed about an hour before I took the little ones back to the car so the older ones could enjoy the festival.
This picture is of the opening ceremony and flag raising.
Here's a quick shot of the little ones.
I should point out that once the kids were back home, they ran outside to play WITHOUT jackets or shoes. Sheesh. I made them come in to get properly dressed and amazingly, they were outside for hours and weren't cold and their feet didn't hurt. It must have been a Feast thing. :)

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