Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Thought Thursday - Thoughts around the World

1. Flag football? Not going so well. Our team lost 37-0 last week. Supposedly tonight we're playing a team that's more at our level. In other words, they're also 0-2. I would feel better about our chances if there was more than one girl on the team that could catch the ball while running. I certainly can't. If I'm standing there waiting, I'm good to go. But if I have to run and catch? Not so good. I think retirement will be calling me after the season ends.

2. After thinking I was getting off easily regarding Halloween costumes this year, Seeger up and changed his mind. First he said he wanted to be a ghost. I was super excited - that's about the easiest costume to make. Now he's decided he wants to be Patrick the Starfish. I'm against store bought costumes but I'm SO NOT a seamstress. So my children's costumes have to be easy or end up looking like they made their own. At least Nicklas is sticking with a hockey goalie. It will be easy to assemble everything he needs.

3. Items needed to complete the adult costumes include a bedazzler and thighmaster. If anyone can help with this, please let me know.

4. I'm back to loving Glee after the hiccup of the Acafellas in episode 3.

5. Anyone heard the Noisettes? I'm anxious to download a few of their songs. They'll be in Paris on October 29. Maybe I should go see them?

6. Thanks to my friend, Christy, I've taken my addiction to Bejeweled up a level. you owe me now, Christy, for sucking me in even further. I'll take more Owl City music, please.

7. Owl City will be in Tokyo on November 24. Maybe I can check out his show after I recover from my trip to Paris.

8. Who am I kidding, I'm not going to Paris. Or Tokyo. I don't even have a passport. Yes, you read that correctly. My passport expired oh... EIGHT YEARS ago. I'm too lazy and cheap to buy a new one until it's absolutely needed.

9. This week is the county fair in my hometown. Many of my friends are meeting up with their kids to enjoy the food and festivities. (In that order, I'm sure.) No Mouse Game for me this year. Hopefully I can make next year.

10. I wonder if anyone will click on any of the links I've provided? Or am I wasting my time? Feedback please.


Deanna said...

I am too tired to click on links tonight, but I often do.
Patrick wouldn't be that hard to put together, I don't think. Salmon-colored sweatpants, funky shorts, and a piece of posterboard rolled into a cone shape and covered (hot glue it) with salmon-colored fabric. Then again, my kids never were that picky about the particulars... lol
What really concerns me is the use of bedazzlers and thighmasters for a curiosity grows each time I read that sentence. ;-)

Beth said...

um, totally click the links! ALWAYS!!

And yes, what's with the bedazzler and thighmaster. Can you also come up with a costume for Jeff and I :) You are way more creative than me!