Friday, October 2, 2009

Mia's Bucket List

Things Mia wants to do while living in the US. Eat donuts. The girl eats very healthy but apparently in her eyes, donut eating is a US thing. They have donuts in Norway but she's never had one.

Along those lines, she also wants to experience a big American breakfast. We promised we would take her to IHOP. Stuffed French toast…. Yum…..

And the third thing Mia wants to experience – which cracks me up – is go to a garage sale. She’s asked me a few times if we could do this. I’m not much of a garage saler but I promised we’d hit some up during the prime time spring season.

She’s excited about Halloween which they celebrate in Norway however most of the kids buy cheap looking costumes from the store. She loves the idea of mom’s making costumes for kids. (Now I feel pressure to make a kickass Patrick the Starfish costume for Seeger!) In Norway, they don’t really do pumpkins. So we’ll definitely go to a pumpkin farm and let Mia experience picking and carving her own pumpkin.

I think she’ll love Thanksgiving too. She’s really bummed she won’t be here for the Fourth of July. I told her she could come back and visit any time.

One American activity Mia has really enjoyed is tailgating. She has vowed to take this practice back to Norway and can’t wait to make all her friends do it with her. She’ll get plenty of practice in the upcoming few months.

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