Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random Thought Thursday

1. I'm wearing some really cute shoes right now. Seriously cute. I wish y'all could see them.

2. I'm already thinking about Halloween. Usually I don't think about it until October. But this year, I've been getting excited about the decorations and party store advertisements.

3. I was invited to participate on a fairly high profile committee at work. I should be thrilled but really I'm annoyed with the amount of work involved. And I was given three books to read as background for the process portion of the committee work. THREE BOOKS! Not happening.

4. My love of Mexican food is being replaced by Thai food. Although I get the same thing when I eat Thai so maybe I should say my love of Mexican food is being replaced by pad thai?

Mmmmmm.... pad thai....

5. Seeger informed the family that he never, ever wants to cut his hair again. And he wants to start wearing dresses. The Polack and I certainly don't want to squash his creativity so we're playing this out to see what happens. (I still feel guilty about steering him away from the pink Hello Kitty backpack he wanted for school last year.)

6. Apparently Jon Gosselin is in discussions to participate in the next Celebrity Apprentice. I can't stand that man but sadly, I'd watch while rooting for him to fail miserably. I can't imagine he'll last long. The man is an idiot.

7. Tonight is my first practice for the flag football team I signed up for. What was I thinking?

8. I've been having some really great conversations with Nicklas lately. We've been talking about his future and college and school and his friends and even more importantly, he's sharing his FEELINGS with me. He's such a private person. I think he usually doesn't even know what his feelings are so its hard for him to verbalize when I start probing. I want to change that. I want him to be expressive.

9. We're taking Mia to Chicago in two weeks. We're going to see the Blue Man Group and a Tigers/White Sox game.

10. Do you type with one or two spaces between sentences? Do you put the toilet paper roll flipped over or flipped under? Why do men's and women's shirts place their buttons differently?


Christy said...

I can't believe you're playing flag football. You are a glutton for punishment! And I can totally believe that you order the same Thai food every time.

And for No. 10, a) one space b) over c) no idea. I am weird about b). I often want to leave post-its in the bathroom stalls at work saying "OVER, NOT UNDER! That is why no one is using those rolls!" But I thought people might think I'm a little too passionate about that tissue issue. Ha! :)

p.s. another good word verification: hydrumba.

Julie said...

I used to type with 2 spaces, but then after getting used the the "style" we use at work, I now do one. It annoys Ian to death! OVER, OVER-OVER-OVER. I get so annoyed by unders. Just not user friendly. (but when I was little I thought under was cool because it wasn't what was common.) As for the shirt thing, there is no good reason. And pants and jackets...I have pants (that are all labeled as womens that button and zip opposite ways.)

Lastly, I can't stand this not seeing you thing. When can we get together? I want to meet Mia too!