Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation - in the beginning

After nearly two weeks of travels, I'm finally home and getting back into the swing of things. We had a great vacation - minus the loss of my new iPhone and some recreational mishaps (more on that later.) I'll be attempting to summarize the Kubatski adventures in these next few posts.

Our story starts on July 3. I was off work for the holiday and it was the last day of swimming lessons for the boys. The boys looked forward to the last lesson because it's free play in the water + snacks. Nicklas spent most of the time in the water. Seeger spent most of the time snacking.

After lessons that morning, we headed up to the Lake. Freddie loved hanging out on the pontoon.

I try to spend every Fourth at the Lake. Many of my cousins, aunts, and uncles gather for the holiday and everyone looks forward to the fireworks. We take the pontoon out to watch the show. Here is Nicklas with my dad and another family member.

Here's me with Bri who is married to my cousin, Ryan. Ryan is five years younger than me and growing up, we spent every summer weekend together - swimming, boating, playing cards, going on candy runs, playing school. Bri is awesome and I can't wait til she and Ryan have babies who can play with my kids during summer trips to the Lake.

Saturday morning, we headed into town for the Fourth of July parade. My dad's wife was participating and promised the boys lots of candy. The rest of the weekend was spent with family - hanging out, playing corn hole, playing dominoes, eating, and of course, riding the Sea-Doo.

Everyone left by Sunday evening which left the boys, the Polack, and I to spend a quiet week with my grandma. Next chapter, coming soon!

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