Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random Thought Thursday

Yay - it's random thought thursday!! I usually plan for RTT throughout the week. As in, I keep track of my random thoughts to share on Thursday's post. But apparently I'm somehow out of sync this week. As I was lying in bed last night, I thought, "Holy crap, tomorrow is Thursday and I haven't a single thought for RTT!"

I'm just glad I didn't forget.... And now, on with the show!

1. First of all, I have to say it. I love my iPhone.

2. Today was my last day in the office for awhile. Yippee!!! The university is closed tomorrow, I'm on vacation next week, and I'm in Chicago for a conference for the beginning of the following week. I used to dread coming back from vacation because of all the emails and phone calls. But with blackberries and iPhones, people don't really take vacations anymore. We're all working all the time. At least next week I'll be working in my swimsuit.

3. I have not touched my sewing machine in over three weeks. That's terrible - I have so much I want to do and try and create and finish.

4. Did you know you can buy a book on how to be a better Bejeweled player? I had no idea there was that much strategy involved in the game. On that topic, this week I lead my facebook friends in the bejeweled weekly tournament. Go me!

5. While we're on vacation next week, we'll have limited internet access. I likely won't be blogging much but I'll have lots of fun pictures to post upon my return. (Rest easy Bethie and Christy, this also means that I won't be at the top of the leader board on facebook bejeweled.)

6. Is it me or do there seem to be a lot more people riding mopeds lately? As much as I wish this is because people are trying to be environmentally and fiscally conscious, I can't help but think it's because the riders are drunks who lost their drivers licenses. (Wow, that sounds so judgmental.)

7. I think it's funny that people are calling Kate Gosselin's haircut the reverse mullet. A mullet! HAHAHAHA! Mullets make me laugh.

8. I have the best kids. Seriously, they're awesome. I'm so fortunate and blessed. When I'm around other kids I'm often struck with how lucky I am. People tell me and the Polack that we're good parents and that's why our kids are so well-behaved. And while I think that's true to an extent, I also think that we're just really lucky. I hope they know how much we love them.

9. You know what's not awesome? The new voicemail system at work. It seriously stinks. The old one was simple, press 7 for this, press 3 for that. The new one? Press *76#. Dial your mailbox number. Now dial your password. Press 543#. Now dial the mailbox number again. Waaaa-aaaaayyyy too complicated. If I could figure out how to forward my phone so that everything went straight the iPhone (thus avoiding the need for voicemail at all) then I would. On the old system, I just hit a button. The new system? I don't think it even offers the option. Grrrr....

10. Did I tell you the Polack bought a urinal? I can't remember if I did... Anyway, we're finishing our basement this summer and instead of spending lots of moola on plumbing a toilet, we're going with a urinal. It's more environmentally friendly, cheaper to install/maintain, and since I'm the only girl in the house, it makes sense. The boys are very excited. Seeger keeps asking about the "pee toilet". A big chunk of the basement work is happening when we're gone next week. It will be interesting to see what we come home to.

11. I love my iPhone. I realize that's more than ten posts but really, the iPhone deserves an eleventh post because its just. that. awesome.

(oh and heather.... i downloaded bejeweled. for $2.99, i couldn't resist!)

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The Bopper said...

Mike is just a couple years late...they actually put the actual visiting team urinal from Tiger Stadium up for auction a couple years ago.