Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm in love. With my new iPhone, that is. After numerous sighs of desire over iPhone commercials and not so subtle hints to the Polack, my wish has come true. After learning I could get an iPhone for $99, the Polack proposed his master plan. I buy the iPhone, he would take my Blackberry (and add internet to his phone line), and we'd use his phone to replace our little LG for our third phone line. (That LG has been with us almost as long as Nicklas has. It can only hold about half a days charge but it's still kicking it with the big boys.)

I liked the idea of the plan but I was worried about the implementation. I love my Blackberry. It's been my trusty sidekick for nearly five years. And the key pad. I LOVE having a key pad. Plus everything is set up just the way I want it on it. But ultimately the call of the features of the iPhone triumphed. The iPod, the camera and internet (both better than the Blackberry's version), and of course, the apps seduced me into giving up my Blackberry.

Now if I could only get used to the keyboard....

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