Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wade and Allison's wedding

Friends of ours were married this weekend. It was a fun wedding. Everyone laughed at the cute ring bearer who was chasing down the flower girl, trying to get her to stop so he could pick up all the rose petals and put them back in her basket. He was very upset with the mess she was making!

We also enjoyed the vows where the bride and groom stated that they would love each other in sickness and health, regardless of who won family game night and regardless of whose team possessed the Old Oaken Bucket. Too funny!

The Polack and I love getting dressed up and going out. Oh and dancing! We love to dance. (He's so good at it and I just try to keep up.)

The bonus of going to the wedding was getting to hang out with our friends Marty and Lindsey. The Polack met Marty during his days as a bartender. And Lindsey teaches with the Polack. They tell folks he's the reason they're together. They were married last summer. The Polack was a groomsman, Nicklas was a junior groomsman, and Seeger was a ring bearer. (Seeger did not pick up the rose petals thrown by the flower girl. He just stomped down the aisle with a proud look on his face.)

Lindsey recently posted these photos from her wedding day on her facebook account. They boys had just gotten dressed in their tuxedos and were waiting for the ceremony. They're too cute to not share with you.

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