Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy 34th!

Today is the Polack's birthday. Everybody say it with me... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, POLACK!!!

Dear Polack - In honor of this special day, I've put together the following list of 34 reasons why I love you.

  1. Your smile lights up my face.
  2. You are an awesome dad who spends time making the boys laugh and have fun.
  3. You force me to take naps (even though I don't always like it, I know it’s the best thing).
  4. You believe in 50/50 housework and parenting.
  5. You are always willing to get out of bed at night to get me a drink of water/the laptop/my blackberry/my book.
  6. You introduce me to new music and talk to me about bands/artists I would like.
  7. Your backrubs? AWESOME.
  8. You know how to make a kickass Cream Your Pants.
  9. You understand the importance of grown up vs. family time.
  10. You always know what I’m thinking/feeling before I do.
  11. You are so very patient with me and my incessant need to plan every aspect of our lives.
  12. You always know how to calm me down when I'm upset or frustrated.
  13. You always encourage to me to slow down and relax.
  14. You love to travel as much as I do.
  15. You fit into my crazy family better than I do.
  16. You allow me to make lists. Lots and lots of lists!
  17. You lie on my side of the bed to warm it up for me when it’s cold.
  18. You give me the most awesome birthday cards.
  19. You’re a force to be reckoned with when you have a spatula and some charcoal.
  20. You have the best Lou Holtz impression.
  21. You watch *some* reality tv with me. (Although, I’m still hoping you’ll join in my love for Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model….)
  22. You are an awesome dancer even though I try to lead all the time.
  23. When we’re in a group setting, I’m always people watching and then I look at you and you’re watching me.
  24. You refrain from belching/farting/spitting and all other bodily unpleasantness when I’m around.
  25. You never listen to Jimmy Buffet around me.
  26. One word…. GIGGLE.
  27. You joined facebook just so you could be a part of my other world.
  28. You put up with my frugal budgeting.
  29. You have the best eyes. They sparkle at me!
  30. You make me feel good about myself.
  31. You talk to me about famous athletes who make it into the celebrity magazines, just so we have a way of combining your love of sports with my love of gossip.
  32. You love to play games as much as I do.
  33. You always tell me I’m an awesome wife and mother. Which I know I am – but it’s nice to hear it! :)
  34. You love me with all your heart and soul.

Happy birthday, babe!


Wendy said...

Awwww! I feel all mushy inside just reading about how much you guys love each other. Yeah Kubatskis! Score one for happy marriages!

B said...

Oh my gosh, best post ever. Each one of those things i have heard you say to or about two are very in love and it's so stinkn cute. Many of the things you say about Mike, i can also say about Jeff...maybe that is why we are so close and amazing friends.