Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Thought Thursday

It's RTT! It's RTT! Complete with images. Ohhhh..... Ahhhhh.....
(Imaged always mess up my formatting - super annoying...)

Channeling my inner G-rated Black Eyed Peas - Let's get it started, yeah. Let's get it started, in here!

1. Thomas the Turtle is MIA, last seen on Friday. We're all a bit bummed.
2. The other day, Seeger discovered that he draw an "X" in the dust that has settled on pieces of wood furniture throughout the house. That should have prompted me get out the Pledge but instead, I encouraged him to write his name. And then I went back to reading my People magazine.

3. I luuurve my curved shower curtain rod. Have you ever taken a shower somewhere with a curved shower curtain rod. You feel like you have so much more room!

4. I can't believe I just said "luuurve". I used to like that word until a fake Facebook friend overused it in her status updates a little too much. I finally hid her from my feed so I wouldn't be subjected to finding out about everything she luuurved about life.

5. My summer has turned into one crazy, busy blur and it's only getting worse. I'll be in Austin, Philadelphia, and San Francisco in the span of two weeks. Then there is Chicago and another trip to Austin. These are all work related and on top of all the weekend/vacation trips we have planned. I really just want to spend all day laying by the pool. Why can't that be my job? I'd be really good at it!

6. I went to a Twitter webinar this week. It was about how universities can utilize Twitter to engage alumni and prospective students. I still don't have any desire to join Twitter. I'm wondering if I can hold out until the next big thing comes along?
7. The Polack and his friends are really into ChaCha'ing lately. Have you heard of this? If you have a question about something (for example, he wanted to know the catch phrase of a certain actor whose name escapes me) you can text ChaCha at 242242 and ask the question. You'll receive a reply text with the answer. You're only allowed so many freebies a month and then they say you have to pay for your questions. It's fun to go on their website to see what sort of stupid questions people have.

8. I ate seaweed for lunch yesterday. That's a first.

9. When I parked my car and was walking to work this morning, I passed a Fiero parked a few cars away. A Fiero?! I can't remember the last time I saw a Fiero. When I was in fourth grade, i told my dad I wanted a Fiero when I turned 16. He promised to buy me one if I made the honor roll every semester. Yeah, that didn't happen... (the honor roll, I mean)

10. Nicklas is so into the hockey playoffs this year. He actually cried the other night when the Redwings lost. Tomorrow will decide who wins the Stanley Cup and he has to miss a big chunk of the game because he has baseball. I predict that he'll be freaking out the whole time.

That's it folks. Thanks for joining me!

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Brenda said...

You make me smile often Natalie...what a gift. Have a fabulous weekend w/your family. I will be praying for Ethan.