Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm declaring Nicklas the MVP of his soccer team.

(Yes, I realize I don't have the power or authority in reality but this is my own made up bloggy world where I am queen and ruler of all things Kubatski.)

Back to Nicklas.... His soccer team is good. Very, very good. They usually score several goals in the first few periods of a game and spend the second half setting up the less skilled players to also score. I love how the coaches make each player feel like an important part of the team. But their last game was a different story. The two teams were pretty evenly matched and by the third quarter, it was still 0-0. Nicklas was on defense and when his teams goalie got into a bit a defending trouble, the other team went to score when out of nowhere, Nicklas jumped into goalie position and blocked their shot. TWO TIMES. It was awesome. Everyone was cheering! He's not the most aggressive player and he's never, ever scored a goal but defense is just as important, right?

His team went on to get a goal in the fourth quarter and they ended up winning 1-0. Yay, Nicklas!!

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