Thursday, May 28, 2009

The last RTT of May...

It's that time of the week again! Random Thought Thursday is so freeing. I love not having to organize my thoughts!

1. I leave for quilt camp in a few hours. QUILT CAMP! Huzzah! I hope to work on lots of projects and take lots of pictures.

2. I'm declaring the official start to summer. I received my first mosquito bite this week.

3. Why do travel booking websites offer you the option of indicating an arrival/departure flight time when they have no intention of using it? If I click that I need to leave San Francisco in the EVENING, please don't show me fights that leave in the AM. It means I have to sift through a bunch of flights listed during times I can't consider. And then I get angry. And then I start looking up flights on individual airline websites. And then I've wasted an hour just trying to gather information. (Maybe this is part of Travelocty's/Expedia's/etc. evil plot against folks who purchase directly through Northwest/US Air/American/etc.)

4. I really dislike hand dryers in public restrooms. I'm convinced people don't use them. Many either wash their hands and leave with them still wet or worse yet, they DON'T WASH at all. I know hand dryers are environmentally better but does that really matter when people are walking around with dirty hands, spreading their germs?

5. After returning home from a weekend at the Lake, Seeger has decided he wants to dig a big hole in the back yard so he can make his own lake.

6. Yesterday I work, I was walking by the vending machine when I noticed there was a $1.00 credit. So I punched the code for peanut M&M's and also got back 20 cents. Score!

7. Thomas the Turtle has returned to our front yard so Nicklas finally got to see him. I'm seriously considering taking him in as a pet. But since I have no clue what the needs of a turtle are, I probably won't. Instead, I've been sprinking spinach leaves around him.

8. I'm addicted to the bejeweled application on facebook. So. Addicted.

9. Two day work weeks are awesome! Why can't every week be a two day work week?

10. Hmmmm.... I'm all RTT'd out. And I'm sleepy. But excited. EXCITED ABOUT QUILT CAMP!


Heather T said...

Bejeweled. Don't even get me started. Except I went so far as to pay to download the game on my computer.

Good luck working past that addiction.

Wendy said...

Did you know there is such a game as Bejeweled Twist??? Hayden *loves* it and finds it much better than regular Bejeweled.

And how many points are Peanut M & M's? Are they more or less than my Oreo McFlurry?

global-keewee said...

Turtles are ridiculously easy to care for, and more fun that one might think.

Big aquarium (no lid), big dish of water (like a dog bowl or other shallow vessel Tom can get in and out of), maybe some astroturf on the bottom, and some smooth rocks for him to wander around and up/in to the water. Likes to eat all manner of best friend in high school had one that loved grapes :) You guys should totally take it in as a training and scientific thing - you're great parents, this is absolutely right for you!