Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Lake

Sometime in the 1940's, my great grandparents bought some lakeside property a few counties away from their home. I think they paid something like $50 a lot for five lots. (Or maybe it was $25/lot?) They spent their weekends camping on that property and eventually built a small cottage. My grandparents used to take their kids - my dad and his siblings - to the Lake where the seven of them, along with my great grandparents, slept in that one room cottage on couches, in sleeping bags, and sometimes outside in tents. My dad and aunts and uncles grew older and many got married. Soon that one room cottage became even more full of family visitors. I think I was about five when the cottage was taken down and new home was built. A nice four bedroom house, right along the Lake, that my grandparents could retire to. And the tradition continued once my aunts and uncles started having children.

I have grand memories of the weekends I spent growing up at my grandparents lake house. We went nearly every weekend in the summer until I was in high school and became consumed with cheerleading and marching band (oh, and work - I worked a lot in high school). There is nothing like the feeling of being at the Lake where your worries and troubles seemed to disappear. I spent my days playing with my cousins - we would swim, play cards, ride bikes, and take walks to buy candy at the local butcher shop. I would beg my dad and uncles to take me skiing or to go on pontoon rides. I lived in my swim suit.
My grandmother still lives at the Lake. My aunts and uncles, my dad, many of my cousins visit as often as they can. Some are there nearly every weekend. Others only make it a few times a year. Unfortunately, my weekends at the Lake are few and far between nowadays. My life revolves around the kids' activities and instead of a 30 minute drive, it takes three hours to get there. I try to get the family there a few times a summer but our lives are just too busy and we usually end up making only one or two trips.
Fortunately, we were able to spend the Memorial Day weekend there this year. We had a great time and the boys really enjoyed it. They especially enjoyed riding the wave runner and fishing with Papa Bob. I should have taken more pictures but I was too lazy!
Nicklas caught several fish on his own. (Well, not completely - he still needs someone to hook his worms. But he can cast and reel them in on his own.) His had the biggest catch, a perch that was about 10 inches.
Seeger also caught a few fish....
I can't believe those are the only photo's I took. I'll be better next time! Instead of taking a family vacation this summer, we're going to stay at the Lake for a week in July. I love that the boys had a great time there this weekend. I hope to create some wonderful memories for them - just like I have from my youth.
Prior to going to the Lake, I discovered a turtle in our front yard. The neighborhood boys were so excited. (Unfortunately, Nicklas was at baseball practice and missed out on the fun.)

Seeger wouldn't hold it at first but one of the boys finally convinced him. They named him Thomas the Turtle in honor of Seeger.

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