Thursday, February 12, 2009

Magic Kingdom

Our second full family day in Orlando was spent at the MagicKingdom with my mom and aunt. (The Kubat/Turners were visiting family.) Magic Kingdom is always our favorite Disney Park and despite being there from open to close we still weren't able to do everything we wanted.
(Can I just interject about how much a love the Fast Pass? I love it! It's the greatest thing E-VER.)
Here we are getting ready to board the train and head to Frontierland. Since Pirates of the Caribbean isn't a fast pass ride, I wanted to get there early so we wouldn't have to wait.

Seeger is finally tall enough for the bigger rides. His favorite was Big Thunder Mountain Canyon, the railroad roller coaster. He rode it twice. (Nick's fav was Space Mountain.)

Of course we had to ride Buzz Lightyear, our favorite the last time we went. I would like to point out that I finally beat the Polack during this ride. My score was much better than his!

We rode the spinning teacups. See that look of joy on my face? Yeah, that's not joy.
I was trying to keep from throwing up.

Here are Polack and Nicklas on the Indy Raceway.

A photo-op with my mom and Aunt Kathy while the Polack went to fast pass Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (again!).
Here are the Polack and Nicklas riding Dumbo toward the end of the night.
And the last photo at the park....

This is how a parent can tell her children had fun at Magic Kingdom....

Ha! I just noticed the drool mark on Seeger's left shoulder. He must take after his mom.

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