Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hollywood Studios

I realize I haven't blogged much lately. It's because I've been too busy having fun with the family during our long weekend in Orlando. To hold you over until I catch up with work, laundry, house cleaning, and of course, acclimating our new puppy to life in the Kubat household, here are some pictures. These were taken during our visit to Hollywood Studios at Disney World. Mike, the boys and I were very excited to have Mike's parents, aunt and uncle, and cousins join us. It was fun day with great weather.

Here is everyone at the Muppet 3D Show.

Here are the boys right after Star Tours (Nicklas's favorite ride).

Here are Mike and I in line at Toy Story Mania. It was a great ride but I suggest Fast Passing it early!

After doing all the attractions, we let the boys choose which one they could go on a second time. Seeger chose the Tower of Terror (which Nicklas was too nervous about to ride.) He was never scared and pretty much laughed the whole time. He likes to tell people about coming "out of the seat" with his seat belt on while it's dropping. Nicklas rode the Aerosmith Rockin Roller Coaster and I thought he'd want to do it again since he usually likes roller coasters. Instead he seemed nervous and scared which is pretty unusual for him. So his last ride was the Star Tours. I didn't get a picture of Seeger on the Tower of Terror but here is Nicklas after his second ride.


Bethy said...

Oh my gosh i hated the Tower of Terror, i mean hated. How in the world can little Seeger love it?
I was so mad at Jeff for making me go on that ride. I was soo scared and to me it was a near death experience. Seriously. Jeff will love to hear this.....

Heather said...

this is great; pictures of Disney parks are unmistakably identifiable -- same doors and seats in every auditorium!

I'm glad you all had a fun time!