Monday, January 26, 2009


Conversation with Seeger....

Me: "Seeger, before you cousins come over to play today, you need to pick up your room."

Seeger: "Awwwww....."

Me (pretending I didn't hear him): "Please go upstairs and pick up your Candyland game and your soft things."

Seeger goes upstairs and comes down five minutes later.

Me: "Did you pick up your game and soft things?"

Seeger: "Yes."

Me: "Great! Now go back up stairs and pick up the rest of the toys in your room."

Seeger goes upstairs and come down five minutes later.

Me: "Did you pick up the rest of your toys?"

Seeger: "No, I just closed the door so you couldn't see them."

Conversation with Nicklas....

We're watching tv and something sappy happens in the show. I start tearing up and sniffling, trying to be discrete so no one in my family makes fun of me for crying. I hear Nicklas making strange noises too.

Me: "Aw Nicklas, are you crying about this show, just like me?"

Nicklas: "No mom, I'm trying not to laugh at you for crying about this show!"

He and The Polack bust out laughing.

So much for discretion.

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Christy said...

The movie crying reminds me of someone else. Hmmm. :)

And I think Seeger and I share cleaning techniques.