Saturday, December 27, 2008

Foundation update

An update from my Jacking up the Foundation post....

So the appointment with the structural engineer went better than I hoped. After checking everything out, he told us that right now, he doesn't see anything to cause concern with the foundation of the house. The porch has dropped a bit which has caused the crack in the cement slab and brick exterior. He looked at our basement and complimented the concrete walls because he couldn't a single hairline crack. That said, he mentioned that house settling typically happens in the first 10 years but since our home is 14 years old, he is concerned that we've noticed a significant difference in the cracking the past few years.

At this point, we're keeping an eye on things and if we continue to see cracking and slanting of the porch of more than 1/2 an inch, we will need to consider a fix. We're planning to finish our basement this summer and when we start the planning, we'll look at it again to see if damage has progressed.

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