Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What did I get myself into?

So you know I volunteered to organize a book fair at Barnes & Noble to benefit Nick's school. I had grand plans of lots of activities that would draw parents and the kiddos to the store where they would purchase arm loads of books (the school received 20% of every purchase if the customer mentioned the fundraiser.) Getting readers wasn't a problem. Several teachers and parents volunteered. And the music teacher planned a performance with the first graders.

But I wanted more. I wanted balloons and crafts and facepainting!
I couldn't find anyone to do the balloons or facepainting. Ever determined, I decided to tackle both myself. (How hard is to draw a couple of balloons on a cheek afterall?) Hubby agreed to blow up balloons with the helium tank I rented. (I didn't even have to beg!) The night before, I practiced on Nicklas and Seeger.



Alrighty, then.

So it's a good thing I practiced. I was a little better the next day. (But not much!)

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B said...

i thought you said those designs were going to be easy. There is no way i could have drawn those - you did amazing!! Crafty is one more thing to add to my "why im jealous of Natalie list".