Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Proud American

Just a quick post in an attempt to capture some of what I'm currently feeling. I first thought I would talk about how this election has forever changed politics. About the massive amount of newly registered voters who are exercising their American right - or should I say, their American duty.

But actually, I just want to say how proud I am of our country right now. People are voting. People are making a difference. People care about our future.

And that's awesome.

As I drove Nicklas to school and then made my way to work this morning, I saw the lines at the polling places. I saw all the yard signs. I saw the posters with phone numbers of those willing to drive voters to the polls.

And I heard the cars honking in support of the Obama signs being held up by volunteers waving them on several street corners. Indiana is a battleground state and most people I know are hoping to turn it blue today. Blue for the first time since 1964. And while I hope Obama wins tonight, I will be proud of our country, regardless of the outcome. Because people care.

And that's awesome.

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MTR said...

I will say this about Obama--he has gotten people involved and interested. Now I could go on and on about the things I dislike about Obama, and where I think the Republican party (my party) went wrong this time around, but, that's not worth it...

I don't think a single person I know or even know of has not voted today. I still feel like most voters are uninformed, and I don't have a lot of understanding for those who didn't know who they would vote for until the past week--such people surely can't be paying attention!