Thursday, November 20, 2008

Golf and tacos

In an effort to maintain a somewhat frugal lifestyle, I decided to enact some rules regarding birthday's. Nicklas has always had very nice birthday parties. We go all out, inviting his friends and family and spending a fortune on food and decorations.

(For example, last year he invited his entire class to the movie theater. We spent less on that party than any other year. And 18 kids came!)

So I decided to cut back. The boys get a birthday party every other year. On their off years, they can invite a friend to spend the night and we'll take them to dinner and a fun activity. This past weekend, Nicklas had his birthday activity. He choose Monster Minigolf as his activity.

First, the silly pose...

This is much better!

And guess what he picked for dinner? After telling him he could choose anywhere, he narrowed his list down to Texas Roadhouse, Sonic, and Taco Bell. (Hubby was secretly rooting for Mountain Jack's.) He picked Taco Bell.

TACO BELL?!?! Don't get me wrong... I like me some taco's every now and again. But if I could choose one meal for my birthday, I'd come up with something much better than Taco Bell!

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