Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend update

Just a quick update for everyone since I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I'm still feeling pretty nauseous. (If I'm sick, why am I blogging, you ask? Well in checking my tracking log, I'm finding more and more people reading the blog so I suppose I feel obligated to regularly update it. See what I do for you people!)

This weekend was my 15 year high school reunion. After attending the 10 year without my close friends who bailed on me, I made sure to encourage everyone to come this time around. Many did and we had a fabulous time. Six of us went out to dinner before the reunion at the Auburn Buffalo Wild Wings. (There are not a lot of dinner options in Auburn to meet our criteria - wheel chair accessible, college football viewing, and alcohol availability - a must before any HS reunion!)

It was great to see so many people who I haven't talked to in a long time. Although most of us have managed to reconnect via facebook, it's never as good as hanging out in person. We stayed until midnight, chatting, dancing, and drinking. Several of us weren't ready for the evening to be over so we ended up at my friend Amy's house. She and her husband Nick still live in Auburn.

This photo is of my friends from elementary school. McKinney-Harrison rules!!! Mike, me, Kevin and Candy Hudziak, Amy and Nick Mason. Amy received the vote for the least changed since high school. She totally deserved it - she hasn't aged at all!

This is a photo of the Wendy's crew. I worked a Wendy's for four years and it was a great high school job. We had great management and a great crew and had a lot of fun together. Matt Comment (in the middle) worked there even longer than me. Christy Jones (on the right) started a few months after me, after I talked her into joining the fun. Kristina Fry Comment (on the left) went to a different high school. Christy and I weren't expecting to see Kristina and Matt so it was a great surprise for us. We haven't talked in probably 12 or 13 years and I'm happy we've been able to reconnect.

Christy and our friend Scott Clevenger were on the journalism staff together. I think we spent as much time in the journalism office as we did in class - and we weren't usually working on the school newspaper! We partook in so many crazy, wacky activities (re-enacting scenes from Helter Skelter, sniffing pixie sticks through straws, choreographing dances to Copacabana, marking the undersides of the computer tables with inappropriate comments), many which also revolved around torturing our advisor, Mrs. Heminger, aka Dot. (We put things her in her coffee, forged her name on passes, wore her clothes, and one time even stole keys to her car and drove it around the parking lot.) The poor thing. But she was a good sport about being the butt of our jokes and if we did anything too questionable, it only took Scott telling her to get over it and she would suddenly forget about it. Seriously. He had some strange power over her which was a good thing because he was usually the instigator.

Although there weren't nearly as many classmates at the 15 year reunion as there was as 10 year, I think everyone still had a great time. Here's hoping there will be a 20 year!!

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