Monday, August 4, 2008

Beth's quilt

As an avid (and addicted) quilter, I am always excited to find other quilters or those who are interested in quilting. About 10 years ago, my mother-in-law helped me make my first quilt. She was a great teacher and nearly 50 quilts later, it continues to be my favorite hobby. I’m fortunate that my good friend Christy shares my passion for quilting, as well as my mom. I have a few other friends who have recently shown interest and I’m doing all I can to encourage that interest. I’ve been giving quilting lessons to my friend, Beth, who is working on beautiful lap quilt. She started her quilt this past school year while she and her husband were living at Mississippi State for her husband’s one-year veterinary medicine internship. With his long hours, it was a good time for Beth to give it a try. She finished the top of her quilt and came over the other day so I could help her layer and pin it. I’m so proud of how well she’s done and I love the blue and brown fabrics she chose.

We went to Joann Fabrics to pick out fabric for the back and found some brown that matched pretty nicely but as we headed over the batting section, we came across this great mix of brown and blue circle that was perfect. For some reason it was with the greens.

Hopefully Beth will spend the next few weeks quilting away. I can’t wait to see the finished product!


Christy said...

Beth's - and your - quilt look awesome so far! I love what you two picked out for the back.

I must get going again ... I seem to have stalled out!

Beth said...

What a great looking quilt. And fun to be featured in the Natalie blog :)