Friday, September 20, 2013

Emporer and Son Assignment

For social studies, Nicklas was given several words that he had to integrate in to a story. I laughed when I read the first few lines and I wanted to share them:

Emperor and Son Conversation

Son: Dad, when will I get to be ruler?
Emperor: Not for a long time son, I’m still serving my duty.
Son: Hehe, duty.
Emperor: Stop! You must be more mature if you want to be emperor like me.  
Son: When will I know? Will there be a sign?
Emperor: There will be a big ceremony! You will go through some big rituals and you will be given the fate of the gods!
Son: Cool!
Emperor: Indeed, afterward, you will dance and sing and you will pray to the gods.
Son: Is there nything else I must do to worship the gods?
Emperor: Yes, if want your prayers to be answered; you need to give them many sacrifices.  
Son: Whoa, I can’t wait to be emperor!
Emperor: I know that you are eager. Now, I must go to an important meeting regarding our city-states.   

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