Thursday, September 12, 2013

Best and Worst

Cherry's worst - didn't have her fabric at Jo-Ann's
Seeger's worst - accidentally ended up with someone else's worksheet
Nick's worst - couldn't get two fruits at lunch
Natalie's worst - didn't get to sleep on today
Mike's worst - had to miss a whole day in the classroom do to a teacher in-service
John's worst - driving from Greenwood to Bloomington in the rain
Kathy's worst - knees were hurting during all the walking around Bloomington today
Cherri's best - family dinner
Seeger's bet - John and Kathy visiting
Nick's best - TIE time was about IU
Natalie's best - family dinner with yummy burgers
Mike's best - family dinner; seeing the Ranshaw's
John's best - working to establish a scholarship in Katie's name
Kathy's best - being on campus and going to Nick's and coming to dinner at the Kubat's

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