Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random Thought Thursday

  1. Today is IU's first home football game. I really hope we have a winning season this year.
  2. Today is also Nick's very first cross country meet. I'm nervous for him but also so proud of how hard he's working.
  3. Yesterday, Nicklas went with me on my morning run. Since he runs a faster pace, I asked him to ease up and stick with me. As we were jogging along - me huffing and puffing - he says, "This is what we call a conversational run." I'm so glad he felt like he could converse while I just had to focus on breathing.
  4. My goal for this school year is to attend at least one of each of the 24 IU sports events. I've put all the fall sports in my calendar. 
  5. I'm especially looking forward to attending my first field hockey game ever.
  6. Other goals I created for myself this year have been going well. I've been running a 3-4 times per week and I've been listening to more NPR and Pandora and less iPod music. (I'm trying to be more healthy and cultured. It's the little things!)
  7. Seeger is really in to the Origami Star Wars books he's been reading. They all come with directions on how to make the different characters out of origami and over the weekend, he made all the ones he had directions for. The Chewbacca is my favorite. It's so cute! I'll have to post some photos.
  8. The class I'm teaching on campus doesn't start until the second 8 weeks this semester. This has never been an issue but for some reason, all my students this year are confused and keep contacting me to figure out the start date. 
  9. Each year, I volunteer to type up the student directory for Seeger's school. I have it printed and the PTO sells it to families as a fundraiser. It's tedious (there are over 500 families) but I've been on top of it, plugging away a little bit each day, so it's been much more manageable. I want to get it completed soon because I also volunteered to lead the school fundraising campaign. (I felt pressured in to it because I was originally approached to be PTO President and there is no way I'm taking that on. The fundraiser seemed like a happy medium.
  10. So things are going really well on the personal and professional areas of my life but things with extended family members are not so well (illness and drama and frustrations and all sorts of family related issues are popping up right and left.) I'm doing my best to manage expectations and move forward in the best way possible. I don't expect everything to be perfect all the time so I am very thankful for the good things I have going on right now. I'm feeling very grateful for my life.

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