Friday, August 9, 2013

First Day of School

School started early this year and with all the traveling we did this summer, I didn't feel nearly as prepared as I usually do. Nevertheless, we were all excited for the first day of school. (Actually, I can't promise that Seeger was excited. My homebody still needed a few weeks of chill time, I think.) Nicklas started middle school this year so the first day felt like a really big deal to me. He was nervous but handled everything like a pro. Nicklas has been so happy and positive and talkative lately (THANK YOU CAMP TECUMSEH!) and he's actually been listening and taking in the advice the Polack and I have shared on how to get through middle school.

Entering middle school seems like such a big deal to do me so I took lots of photos of Nicklas in the morning. As usual, he was the first one up in the morning (when will that change, I wonder?) and I found him in front of the TV, watching SportsCenter.

He requested homemade waffles for his breakfast (NOT frozen waffles!)

Seeger also wanted waffles.

Here is Nicklas getting his cross country gear ready to pack in his backpack.

And here he is getting his cello ready to put in the car.  (He's graduated to a full size cello; it's HUGE.)

Seeger is all ready for his first day.

Nicklas with his new backpack.

A group shot; I had to force them to put their arms around each other.

Nicklas putting his cello in the car.

Nicklas asking me why I'm taking so many photos.

Nicklas hugging his dad goodbye.

Nicklas asking his dad to make his mom stop taking photos.

Nicklas rolling his eyes at me.

Dropping Nicklas off at middle school! He's getting his cello out of the car.

Nicklas walking away without even a look back at me. 

A sad mom who has realized she has a middle schooler.

In all seriousness though, his day went pretty well. He had trouble with his locker and had to get a help a few times but by the second day, he was able to open his lock on his own. His first cross country practice was Monday and he said it was really, really hard but his teammates were so encouraging and supportive that he felt really good about his performance. I think he's going to stick with it and I'm so incredibly proud of him.

Here are some letters the boys had to write to their teachers. I loved reading both of them and I'm so happy they were willing to share.  Here is Seeger's letter to his teacher about himself. (I left the misspelled words.)
Seeger's letter:
I like vidio games and candy, while I dislike homework on the first day. My favorite siries of books is "The Heros of Olympus." My dad is a teacher and my mom is a worker at the indiana university school of HYPR. My brother is a student in middle school. I also have a dog named Freddy. I can drum and have been taking lessons for about a year. If you rewarded me with goodies every time I was awsome, I would have lifetime goodies.

Nicklas was supposed to write a letter to himself about what he wants to accomplish this school year. (I copied his mistakes and bad grammar.)
Dear Nick,

This is your past self. I first want to say hello; how are you doing? I know that alot has happend in the last 9 months. School wise I hope you are achiving your academic goals at having a 3 in every class and have done your cross country goal of not walking in any races.

Out of school, here are my goals I hope others met. I hope the Tigers won the world series. I hope IU football made a bowl game and IU basketball make the 2nd (3rd?) round of the NCAA tournament.

So you, that's it really. Was Thor 2 good? how about Captain America 2? I hope you enjoyed them and any other movies you watched. So yeah, see you. Win a race for me.

Sencerly, Yourself

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