Wednesday, July 10, 2013

June Recap

June was a great month for the Kubatski family! Unfortunately, I only have a few pictures to share. I'm not sure why; maybe it's because we were so busy that I didn't remember to take photos? Well anyway, here are a few for your enjoyment.

I took Seeger to the park one day.

We found this Eastern Box Turtle hanging out in our front yard.

In June, the family went to Florida for a week. I'll share pictures from the vacation soon but while there, we went to Universal Studios for the day. During our wait in line for the Superman ride, I was going through the Polack's photos on his iPhone and I came across this picture of me. It's a few years old but I really liked the picture so I sent it to myself. After vacation, a friend was looking through photos on my phone and this one was in the middle of Universal pictures. She hates this picture of me and says I look "strung out". It's funny how we both have such different opinions.

One day at work, I had to save a butterfly. I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when a butterfly came flying around my head. She then made her way to my window, fluttering her wings, desperately trying to find a way out. I wasn't sure what to do, given that my office isn't anywhere near an open door and my windows have screens on them. Luckily, a co-worker was able to catch Miss Butterfly (which his bare hands!) and release her outside. (So when I say I saved a butterfly, really I found someone else to save it.)

Nick's baseball season ended in June. Seeger is sad that he won't get to see his friend Blake at the ball field anymore.

At the end of the month, I hosted a group of alumni for an Indianapolis Indians baseball game. We were given access to the Mayor's Suite which came in handy when it started raining during the 7th inning.

I had to throw this photo in because I'm super excited about the Divergent movie. YA dystopian heaven!

I love Freddy's face during this recent car ride.

When guests spend the night at our house (which also happened in June), there's a 75% chance that we'll go the Village Deli for breakfast. The boys love their pancakes - which are HUGE. Seeger was excited to finish his and insisted that I take a picture of his clean plate.

So yeah, not a lot of pictures this time around. But I'll make up for that when I do our vacation post. I have lots of photos from our trip to Florida.

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