Friday, June 21, 2013

Sixth Grade Polish Olympics

My last post mentioned that Nicklas hosted an end-of-elementary school class party at our home in May. The group in his class have been together for the past 3 years. The students come from all around the county to participate in an accelerated learning/gifted and talented program. It's a tight-knit group but now that they have finished elementary school, they'll be divided up between three different middle schools. I'm bummed that Nicklas won't be in the same school as some of his friends. He is too and so for the past few months, he's talked about hosting a party for everyone - sort of like one last hurrah for the class.

He decided the party should be a Polish Olympics (consisting of fun and silly games and contests). Once his guests arrived, they were asked to make a flag to represent themselves in the Olympics. The first event was the paper airplane contest.

We also did a P.I.G. game, rock/paper/scissors tournament, and water balloon contest.

Next was a cornhole tournament and a contest to see how long people would stand on one foot. Woo boy, did that one take a while. I underestimated how long people would last. 

Here our our final two contestants who stood on one foot for over 30 minutes. The other participants got a bit antsy (i.e. wild and crazy) while waiting for it to finish.

After that, they divided in to teams and completed a trivia sheet.

The final event was a relay that consisted of a few running legs, shooting a basketball through the hoop, unrolling a roll of toilet paper, rolling dices, and completing a puzzle. Both teams led at different points of the relay and it was a very close finish.

Here are some photos of the flags that everyone made.

And the results of the 2013 Polish Olympics.

After awards were made, the group roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. It was a great party and everyone said they had fun. This was reinforced when parents came to retrieve their children and were told to come back later. Success!!

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