Thursday, January 17, 2013

Halloween 2013

I realized I never posted pictures from Halloween 2013. It was a crazy day for me; I had just returned from my work trip to San Francisco and I had to teach that day. I arrived at IND at 4pm and had to zoom home, grab exams, and rush to class to distribute them to my students. After their exams, I headed to a friends house where the Polack and the boys were. We don't have many houses around us for trick or treating so we were happy to be invited to a neighborhood. Here are the boys with their friends Nik and Sid. (Who are in the same grade as Nicklas and Seeger.)

Some other boys joined the group. The Polack and one of the other dads took the younger boys around the neighborhood. (I arrived when this was happening; I just hung out and drank wine and ate pizza. That was about all I could handle after my crazy day.)

Nicklas and a group of his friends went to another friends neighborhood for trick or treating. It was the first time Nicklas left us and did his own thing. He LOVED it. Me? I'm not quite ready to let go. (Luckily, the mom in that neighborhood took this photo to share!)

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