Friday, January 25, 2013

Best and Worst

Bobbie's worst - went off her diet
Tom's worst - bit tongue while chewing down on burger
Seeger's worst - Ben isn't coming to his house
Nick's worst - aren't going to see cousins long enough
Ben's worst - same as Nicklas
Anna's worst - feeling bad
Melissa's worst - felt sick at work and almost had to cancel dinner
Matt's worst - the gut bomb in his stomach after eating 2 lbs of food
Mike's worst - couldn't drag himself out of bed this morning
Natalie's worst - Nicklas was late to school and got a tardy
Bobbie's best - spending time with family and having excuse to go off diet
Tom's best - having whole family together and experiencing a new restaurant and celebrating birthdays
Seeger's best - seeing Ben
Nick's best - coming to Bub's
Nick's best - coming here
Anna's best - being with the whole family
Melissa's best - Red. Cream. Soda.
Matt's best - Dog. Face.
Mike's best - seeing the family
Natalie's best - weekend started with celebration with family

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