Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nicklas is 12!!

I already posted some photos of Nicklas celebrating his birthday with family over Thanksgiving. This was also the year for a birthday party (we alternate parties every other year). He wanted something low-key this year which seems to be the theme with 12 year olds. (Along with handmade birthday cards. I've never seen so many handmade birthday cards which is super cool.) His preference was outdoors at a park but I had to nix that idea because the weather in mid-November is pretty unpredictable. So instead we rented a basketball court at the local rec center and he invited his friends. I hear most the time was spent playing Knock-Out, the playground favorite.
I didn't actually get to go the party. It was held the weekend I had radioactive iodine therapy done on my thyroid. And since I was - well, radioactive - I couldn't be around people, especially young ones. I was sad to miss it but Nicklas and the rest of the crew had fun and that's what's important.
Anytime one of us in the family as a birthday, we get to pick a restaurant and go out to eat for dinner as a family. Nicklas has been wanting to go to Red Lobster for a long time - he's such a seafood lover - so that was his choice for his birthday dinner.

One quick story about his birthday party invites.... I created an e-vite asking everyone to help us celebrate Nick's 11th birthday. Right away, one of the mom's texted me: "Uh, isn't Nicklas turning 12?" And I thought to myself, no I have an 11-year-old!! Which is true - he IS 11 but he was turning 12. My brain couldn't process that - I HAVE A 12 YEAR OLD!! Fortunately, I was able to change the e-vite without any fuss. But I can't believe I HAVE A 12 YEAR OLD!!!!

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