Tuesday, November 20, 2012

October Recap

Not only is it no longer October but also, November is almost OVER! Geesh, I'm a bloggy slacker. I've had lots of posts in my head with little time to write them so I'm opting for another recap. Let's start with Seeger's rendition of Fall of Greatness. Hopefully you can read the text. Sadly we didn't rake leaves, nor carve pumpkins this year.

The first weekend of the month, I had to host a donor. In this photo, we're modeling our new IU gear - his jacket and my conductor cap.

We had a bit of a gnat issue in the house. I learned this trick of covering an old banana with Saran Wrap and poking small holes in the top of the cup. The gnats crawl inside but can't figure out how to get out. The trick really works!

The UES Advanced Strings class performed at the school Pizza Supper.

We visited Waffle House for their 45 year anniversary. Waffles were only $.50!

The mystery at our neighbors house continued. The Polack was getting ready for work one morning and woke me up at 5am (yes, that's how early he leaves for work!) to tell me there was a fire down the road. We called 911 and found out the neighbor's boat was on fire. It took the township fire department over 20 minutes to arrive and put it out. The remains of the boat are STILL sitting there. (No one has lived in the house since it caught on fire in November. The windows have been open ALL SUMMER, a house alarm goes off and on every few weeks, and a dumpster has been sitting outside for several months. Hmmmm....)

We had our Polish tailgate. Pierogies, kielbasa, golumpki, oh my!

We've had lots of visitors at our tailgates this year and I especially love it when our friends bring their families. The kids have fun too.

The cousins visited that weekend too and we went to check out the waterfall.

And we introduced them to RED MANGO!

There was talk that the fall colors wouldn't be good this year because of the drought but it was all a lie. We had a beautiful autumnal October.

The Polack and I went a fundraiser - Dining in the Dark.

The Hilly Hundred route when by our house again this year. Crossing State Road 37 is always a challenge.

We went to Aver's Pizza for a UES fundraiser. Nicklas was excited to try shrimp pizza.

I also realized that Nicklas has A LOT of IU shirts. This is only half the stack.

I played around with my new Pic Stitch app. Love it!
My mom and I travelled to Pike High School in Indianapolis to watch the semi-state Class B band competition. Sadly DeKalb and Bloomington North didn't make it to state. But I got to visit with my friend Amy and her family. She has an 8th grader in DeKalb's band.

I spent the last few days of the month in San Francisco. The Polack's mom stayed at our house to help with the boys. Here's the scheduled I left for her.

Pics from San Fran are coming soon. What a great city!!

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