Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Best and Worst

Molly's worst - leaving Lake George
Nick's worst - feels like Thursday but it's only Wednesday
Natalie's worst - Molly and Dave had trouble getting to the house
Mike's worst - fourth period Algebra 2 students
Seeger's worst - there was spicy shrimp in his food
Tracy's worst - had trouble using the prehistoric microwave for her popcorn
Bill's worst - waking up and still having pain in his kidney
Dave's worst - coming around the corner and seeing the blocked road and seeing Molly's face
Dave's best - walking around the back ho and seeing the house
Molly's best - having extra time with family
Nick's best - the Greek unit and getting to be the leader of the group project
Natalie's best - having a good dinner with guests from afar
Mike's best - having dinner with family
Seeger's best - felt like he was flying on the swings at recess
Tracy's best - getting to be here with all you fine people and getting to better know Dave and Molly
Bill's best -spending more time with Molly and trying to get know Dave better

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